Why Is There a Toothbrush on My Desk???

I just walked into my office and realized there was a toothbrush (brand new) and a box of sport guards on the corner of my desk.  Then I realized that wasn’t the only out of place item on my desk.

Pretty Purple Toothbrush

As a matter of fact my desk looked like it belonged in the bathroom.

In addition to the dental supplies – I had put my vitamins on my desk in an effort to encourage me to take them daily.  Sadly, I had begun to use one of vitamin bottles as mini desk furniture and it was holding a couple of my hair ties.

Clearly I’m not taking the vitamins – this isn’t the right place for them – nor is it the right place for my dental supplies.

10 Minutes Later…

I feel better.  I have relocated the dental supplies to the bathroom drawer where they normally live.

The vitamins required more.  I have moved them into my bedroom and have set a reminder on my calendar to check back in 2 weeks to see if it is working there.  (If I have slacked off already, I will try again and shorten my reminder to myself.)


It is so easy to forget to be organized isn’t it?

The best way to overcome these ‘creepers’ – as I like to call them – is to live in the moment, but in our daily hustle and bustle that is easier said than done.  I’m always trying new ways to improve my functionality – that is my main goal of organization.

Habits take time to develop, I need help to build new habits.

Did I solve all my organization problems – No!

Did I notice a problem and take action – and have a plan so it doesn’t happen again – Yes!

That is a win in my book – not a victory lap kind of win – but a nice pat on the back kind of win.

Take the time to acknowledge even these small wins – they add up over time.

Please share your most recent win in the comments below.


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