What is Your Organizing Style?

Do you need to have the whole plan in place and complete the whole makeover in one fell swoop?

Or are you more of a pick a little at a time organize this pile? this drawer? this corner of the desk? this folder on your desktop?

Knowing how you work best will help you have more success as you tackle your home office.  As a business owner you have probably spent time learning the most productive time of day for you to work, and defining what your strengths are and what your need to outsource, but rarely have you given your organizing style that kind of consideration.

Well, today I want you to give at least some of your attention.  person sittting on bench looking at water

Personally, I like to see the big picture and then tackle the projects in bite size chunks.  But I can’t just do a little here and little there if I don’t have a clear end result in mind.  If I don’t have an clear end result in mind I might as well just be picking up the same pile of laundry and carrying from room to room – I accomplish nothing.

I do think most people benefit from having that end result in a physical form – not just in your head.  Put it down on paper or on the computer, create a 3-D model if you really want, but don’t just rely on your own brain.  It has been proven that if you use pen and paper it actually stimulates creative centers of the brain, but if you see what I actually draw on paper you might think it decreases artistic ability 🙂

Your design doesn’t have to be perfect or even well done.  I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, but I like to draw the room if I am planning a physical space and since I am not actually making the walls it doesn’t matter what my drawing looks like, it only matters what the plan is.

So now you know some of my little quirks – think about yours and let me know in the comments below what you think your design style is.

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