Organization Is Just Useful Habits

To me, organizing is just about habits that serve you.

A habit that doesn’t serve you is called a bad habit, a habit that does serve you is called a good habit.  I don’t like either of those labels.  I think all habits should be useful habits, with no judgment.  What can I say, I don’t like to judge the good or the bad about anyone or anything.  But if it’s not working for you, you might want to make a change.

An Inbox on desk that is never used is really helpful. No papers ever placed in the box.  Or worse yet papers put in the inbox and no one ever looks at them.  The inbox isn’t doing its job.

Organization has to play to the strengths of the person using the ‘system’ to be useful.

Let me say that I’m not Martha Stewart and I don’t even want to be – it’s just not my style.  Of course, I do love my label maker and am a bit jealous of Martha in that department.

And, while I don’t need to reach perfection – I’m always looking to improve function and flow.

Sadly, I find my most inspired solutions after ‘it’ has already become a problem.  Once I identify that there is a problem with it, I love to find the best solution (for me).  The first solution isn’t always the best solution, so I keep trying until I find what works for me, and my family.

I used to love to buy those nice leather bound organizers – the ones you could add just the sections you needed, rearrange the order to suit you.  They were advertised as the best solution for an organized life – but the truth is – I was still in school and it wasn’t the best solution for me.  Turned out I liked buying those beautiful organizers more than I liked using them.  I did finally stop buying them, but it took several years – I really wanted them to work for me.

These days the calendar on my phone with the reminder alerts are the best calendar solution I have found.  If I don’t put ‘it’ in my phone calendar, ‘it’ is likely to be forgotten.  The more I use my phone, the better I show up in my life and my business.

What type of calendar or reminder system do you use?  Let me know in the comments below.


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