Lori Winslow – Practical Organizer

I love to organize.  There I have said it – I know I’m a bit of a nerd but its true – give me the chance and I will organize anything and everything.

As a kid I used to love to stir up all of the monopoly money just so I could sort it back out.

As a teenager I alphabetized my book and CD collections.

I just love label makers and office supply stores – Oh!  The simple joy of 3 ring binders, add a set of divider tabs and I may just swoon.

But sometimes if I can’t organize it to my liking – I would just keep it a cluttered mess – I tend to want nothing less than perfection – and if its not perfect it may as well be a mess.  My husband doesn’t care for this so he helps me create some of my organization solutions.

I am not a professionally trained organizer – I’m just a bit compulsive and am really good at helping you get to the root of your clutter and messes.  I do have professional training as a Life Coach and find that helps with organizing.

My mission is to help work at home solopreneurs organize and utilize their home office space.

I would love to help you define and discover the joy of your home office space so that you can be more productive and be the rock star I know you want to be.