Good Organization Starts With Good Habits

Seems obvious doesn’t it?

To be better organized you just need better habits. It’s easier to replace a bad habit than it is to just try to stop whatever that bad habit might be. By creating a better habit you naturally just drop the bad habit, much less stressful.

But you came by those bad habits for a reason.

Let’s break down a habit: Trigger, Behavior, Reward.

HABIT: Trigger Behavior Reward

My personal example was realizing that the right hand corner of my desk was a clutter pile magnet. Initially I thought it was because I was right handed and so I just kept putting everything on my right side, so I adjusted my computer to create a bigger space on the right hand side.

Guess what – I was able to collect larger items of clutter and sometimes even more than 1 pile of papers. It wasn’t because I was right handed.

What I did notice was that it wasn’t just business “stuff” that ended up in that area of the desk, it was also about 50% personal household “stuff.” This helped me realize what the real problem was.

The right hand corner of my desk should┬áis a clear, uncluttered flat surface – and it is the closest to the entrance to the room. The bad habit was just simply setting it on the easiest closest surface available.

Solution: Create an alternative closer to the door. For me it was actually putting a basket by the door. Now my family and myself all know not to put more clutter on my desk, put it in the basket – right inside the doorway.

I wasn’t able to just break a bad habit, but once I replaced the bad habit with a better habit, the bad habit easily went off to bother some other poor soul – I hope it wasn’t you.

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