Even Cyber Monday Requires Organization

The shoppers that score the best deals today are likely to be organized and have a plan.  All the best savvy shoppers do.

They would know where the best prices are for the items they want to buy – and they would know what they wanted to buy.  The savvy shopper has a list of all the people they need to buy for and ages or sizes – for when they find the perfect item.  They will know how much they need to spend for free shipping (though on Cyber Monday most shipping is free) and what cash back site to use for maximum return.

How about if you are the business owner – are offering a Cyber Monday Deal?

If you are offering a deal are you prepared for the little problems that can creep up on such a busy online shopping day?

Does your offer have limited quantities?  Do you have a second offer for people still wanting “the deal” but missed out?  This can be a great opportunity!

Have you tested your shopping cart with your coupon code?  Have you had a friend test it out?

Planning ahead can save you headaches and keep more money in your pocket.

Do you offer discounts and deals to your customers?  What is holding you back?  Let me know if the comments below.

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