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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2015!

Have you decided this is the year to get your home office organized?  If so – I think that is a great idea.

I recorded a little video to help you get started with the planning:


Your excited you want to jump right in, but you need to stop and make a plan, it will make all the difference in helping you stay organized in the long run.

Don’t try to create a magazine perfect image of an organized home office – create an organized space that works for you.

Determine your problem areas – come up with ideas to overcome those problems.

Remember – clutter isn’t limited to physical clutter – evaluate your desktop and virtual filing system as a part of this process too.

If you need help crafting your plan – book a organization coaching session with me.

Good Organization Starts With Good Habits

Seems obvious doesn’t it?

To be better organized you just need better habits. It’s easier to replace a bad habit than it is to just try to stop whatever that bad habit might be. By creating a better habit you naturally just drop the bad habit, much less stressful.

But you came by those bad habits for a reason.

Let’s break down a habit: Trigger, Behavior, Reward.

HABIT: Trigger Behavior Reward

My personal example was realizing that the right hand corner of my desk was a clutter pile magnet. Initially I thought it was because I was right handed and so I just kept putting everything on my right side, so I adjusted my computer to create a bigger space on the right hand side.

Guess what – I was able to collect larger items of clutter and sometimes even more than 1 pile of papers. It wasn’t because I was right handed.

What I did notice was that it wasn’t just business “stuff” that ended up in that area of the desk, it was also about 50% personal household “stuff.” This helped me realize what the real problem was.

The right hand corner of my desk should is a clear, uncluttered flat surface – and it is the closest to the entrance to the room. The bad habit was just simply setting it on the easiest closest surface available.

Solution: Create an alternative closer to the door. For me it was actually putting a basket by the door. Now my family and myself all know not to put more clutter on my desk, put it in the basket – right inside the doorway.

I wasn’t able to just break a bad habit, but once I replaced the bad habit with a better habit, the bad habit easily went off to bother some other poor soul – I hope it wasn’t you.

A Delightful & Colorful 2015 Planner For Women

I just got this planner set for myself and I love it so much – I just had to share it with you too!


A word of warning it is not a traditional planner – it is actually a ‘Goals Workbook’ according to the author.

Leonie Dawson is a self described hippie author who has been making these planning workbooks for 6 years now.  She says that they will help you to have your best year :).  Leonie says in the introduction video and in the planner itself – to use what works for you and bypass the parts that don’t apply to you.  It’s a nice no pressure – feel good planner.

There are 2 Planners, the Life Planner and the Business Planner as well as a Planning Calendar.  You can also get them in a downloadable PDF version or have a physical copy sent to you.

I ended up getting both planners in the PDF version.  I love the bright colors and the beautiful illustrations.  I have peeked through the whole calendar and started on the life workbook.  The planner workbook starts out by reflecting on the past year, called the Closing Ceremonies, and getting you ready for 2015.  To prepare for those bad days that will come one of the pages is called ‘The List of Things to do When Everything Sucks’ – I know I can relate to those days, and it’s great to have a plan to help you move past those moments, so they don’t become days.

The business workbook planner is the same format, letting go of last year and setting goals for the coming year.

One of my favorite aspects of the calendar is the way she “re-names” the months – for example January is just plain old January – it’s “Juicy January”  Juicy-January

If you would like your own copy, click here.  Please note: This in an affiliate link – this means if you buy this planner I will make a commission.

I hope you love yours as much as I love mine 🙂

If you have any questions – I would love to share my experience – just post in the comment section below.


By the way it would make a great gift too!

Even Cyber Monday Requires Organization

The shoppers that score the best deals today are likely to be organized and have a plan.  All the best savvy shoppers do.

They would know where the best prices are for the items they want to buy – and they would know what they wanted to buy.  The savvy shopper has a list of all the people they need to buy for and ages or sizes – for when they find the perfect item.  They will know how much they need to spend for free shipping (though on Cyber Monday most shipping is free) and what cash back site to use for maximum return.

How about if you are the business owner – are offering a Cyber Monday Deal?

If you are offering a deal are you prepared for the little problems that can creep up on such a busy online shopping day?

Does your offer have limited quantities?  Do you have a second offer for people still wanting “the deal” but missed out?  This can be a great opportunity!

Have you tested your shopping cart with your coupon code?  Have you had a friend test it out?

Planning ahead can save you headaches and keep more money in your pocket.

Do you offer discounts and deals to your customers?  What is holding you back?  Let me know if the comments below.

Organization Is Just Useful Habits

To me, organizing is just about habits that serve you.

A habit that doesn’t serve you is called a bad habit, a habit that does serve you is called a good habit.  I don’t like either of those labels.  I think all habits should be useful habits, with no judgment.  What can I say, I don’t like to judge the good or the bad about anyone or anything.  But if it’s not working for you, you might want to make a change.

An Inbox on desk that is never used is really helpful. No papers ever placed in the box.  Or worse yet papers put in the inbox and no one ever looks at them.  The inbox isn’t doing its job.

Organization has to play to the strengths of the person using the ‘system’ to be useful.

Let me say that I’m not Martha Stewart and I don’t even want to be – it’s just not my style.  Of course, I do love my label maker and am a bit jealous of Martha in that department.

And, while I don’t need to reach perfection – I’m always looking to improve function and flow.

Sadly, I find my most inspired solutions after ‘it’ has already become a problem.  Once I identify that there is a problem with it, I love to find the best solution (for me).  The first solution isn’t always the best solution, so I keep trying until I find what works for me, and my family.

I used to love to buy those nice leather bound organizers – the ones you could add just the sections you needed, rearrange the order to suit you.  They were advertised as the best solution for an organized life – but the truth is – I was still in school and it wasn’t the best solution for me.  Turned out I liked buying those beautiful organizers more than I liked using them.  I did finally stop buying them, but it took several years – I really wanted them to work for me.

These days the calendar on my phone with the reminder alerts are the best calendar solution I have found.  If I don’t put ‘it’ in my phone calendar, ‘it’ is likely to be forgotten.  The more I use my phone, the better I show up in my life and my business.

What type of calendar or reminder system do you use?  Let me know in the comments below.