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No Plan = Bad Habits

I know that I harp on this idea of having a plan, but you must have a plan.

We’ve all heard the saying “You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan.”


Okay, so you fail if you don’t plan, but not only do you fail, you have very likely created habits that will lead to additional failures.

If you want to organize your office and keep it organized you will need a plan.

Your plan may need to be changed as you go on but you must have a starting point. And the easiest starting point is your current clutter (which is really just the result of a bad habit). If you have clutter, you have a problem area – define the problem, brainstorm possible solutions, implement the best possible solution.

Simple right? Yes it’s simple but it takes commitment and action.

Okay what do I mean when I say define the problem, when we’ve already determined it’s a pile of clutter. I want to know more about your clutter. What is in that pile? How old are the items in the pile? Do they have a “home” or do they need a desinated “home”?

By digging deeper (pun intended) you will find the “real” problem and a real, lasting solution.