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I Love My New Chair

I recently got a new chair for my office – as you can see in the picture it is not brand new – just new to me – and I have wanted this chair for a very long time.

My new chair

I had to move quite a bit around to make the chair fit into my office – but it helped me to make my office even more to my liking.  I realized as I was rearranging my office to make room for my new chair, that so much of my office furniture just happened.  I kept adding and there was no cohesive plan.  So I really thought about all that I want to be able to accomplish in my office and how it isn’t meeting those needs in it’s present state.  Immediatly I knew of at least 1 piece of furniture that needed to go.  Once that was gone I was able to see a vision of my “new office.”  As I moved items around, I realized I needed an extension cord for my lamp to stay attached to the light switch, so I stopped for the night.

It drove my husband crazy.  This is what my office looked like overnight.

Overnight mess

My husband has to finish a project once he gets started even if he doesn’t have the “right” tools, he finds a way around whatever problem he encounters.  I stick to my vision even if it takes longer to complete the project.  He actually couldn’t walk into my office until the following evening when there was floor space again.

much improved

I could see the floor again by nightfall and even found a footstool for my new chair.  I didn’t know I was going to get the chair and it did slow down my productivity a little, but since I have improved my space I have been super productive – and I know the less clutter and accumulation of stuff around me the better I work.

Have you changed everything around to accomodate a single piece of furniture?  I would love to hear your stories in the comments below.