A Delightful & Colorful 2015 Planner For Women

I just got this planner set for myself and I love it so much – I just had to share it with you too!


A word of warning it is not a traditional planner – it is actually a ‘Goals Workbook’ according to the author.

Leonie Dawson is a self described hippie author who has been making these planning workbooks for 6 years now.  She says that they will help you to have your best year :).  Leonie says in the introduction video and in the planner itself – to use what works for you and bypass the parts that don’t apply to you.  It’s a nice no pressure – feel good planner.

There are 2 Planners, the Life Planner and the Business Planner as well as a Planning Calendar.  You can also get them in a downloadable PDF version or have a physical copy sent to you.

I ended up getting both planners in the PDF version.  I love the bright colors and the beautiful illustrations.  I have peeked through the whole calendar and started on the life workbook.  The planner workbook starts out by reflecting on the past year, called the Closing Ceremonies, and getting you ready for 2015.  To prepare for those bad days that will come one of the pages is called ‘The List of Things to do When Everything Sucks’ – I know I can relate to those days, and it’s great to have a plan to help you move past those moments, so they don’t become days.

The business workbook planner is the same format, letting go of last year and setting goals for the coming year.

One of my favorite aspects of the calendar is the way she “re-names” the months – for example January is just plain old January – it’s “Juicy January”  Juicy-January

If you would like your own copy, click here.  Please note: This in an affiliate link – this means if you buy this planner I will make a commission.

I hope you love yours as much as I love mine 🙂

If you have any questions – I would love to share my experience – just post in the comment section below.


By the way it would make a great gift too!


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